Senator Cruz makes controversial "spanking" remarks, while talking about Hillary Clinton

Des Moines, IOWA (KTVU) -- The Iowa Caucuses is on February 1st, but many voters have not yet made up their minds on which presidential candidate to support.

Nearly half of all voters say they can still change their minds

A Fox News poll shows Donald Trump continues to lead Republican candidates nationwide.

He has 35-percent, followed by Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 20-percent, and Florida Senator Marco Rubio in third place, at 13-percent.

Senator Cruz is receiving some criticism, after he apparently suggested that Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton needs a "spanking," of sorts over Benghazi.

"In my house, if my daughter, Catherine, the 5-year-old, says something that she knows to be false, she gets a spanking, said Sen. Cruz. "Well in America, the voters have a way of administering a spanking."

Cruz says if he's elected president, there will be new accountability for Benghazi.