Seven teens rescued during Super Bowl sex trafficking operation

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Here's the Rap Sheet for Feb. 9, 2016:

TEENS SAVED IN SUPER BOWL SEX TRAFFICKING OPERATION: Seven teens who were being exploited sexually were rescued from the streets as a result of a human sex trafficking operation launched in conjunction with Super Bowl 50, the FBI said today.

More than a dozen alleged pimps and their cohorts were arrested as part of the multi-agency investigation, authorities said. Some of them had traveled to the Bay Area from out of state to take advantage of the fact that big sporting events like the Super Bowl often result in a greater demand for illicit sexual encounters, authorities said.


"High-profile special events, which draw large crowds, have become lucrative opportunities for sex trafficking criminal enterprises,” said Bertram Fairries, an assistant special agent in charge of the FBI in San Francisco.

 "By spreading the word early on that we would be cracking down on this type of criminal activity, we succeeded in stopping sex traffickers from operating as 'business as usual' and, in some cases, deterred traffickers from attempting to bring this crime into Bay Area communities at all."

ROBBERS IN CROWN VIC: San Mateo County sheriff's deputies are searching for two men in a Ford Crown Victoria who tailgated two victims before robbing them while armed with a gun and knife.

The incident happened on a desolate stretch of Highway 1 between Half Moon Bay and San Gregorio about 9:30 p.m. Sunday, said Detective Salvador Zuno.

The victims were driving south on the highway when they saw a car tailgating them. 

They let the Crown Vic pass, but the vehicle cut in front of them and forced them to stop. Two men wearing masks and gloves got out from the back of the car, Zuno said.

One held a gun to the driver's head and demanded her purse and cell phone, while the other man held a knife against the passenger's neck and asked for his wallet and cell phone, Zuno said.

The passenger suffered minor scrapes to his neck.

The robbers then ran back to the car, which drove off southbound on the highway.

The car had tinted windows. The vehicle is commonly used by police officers and taxi drivers.

Pote "became upset with the proceedings and fled from the courtroom" with a deputy in pursuit, sheriff's officials said. Staff activated an emergency alarm, and other deputies in the courthouse came to assist.

Deputies detained Pote near the district attorney's office, but he broke free, authorities said.

"Pote ran straight toward another deputy, who yelled commands at him," officials said. "When Pote did not stop, the deputy used a Taser to gain his compliance. The Taser worked and he stopped his escape attempt."

Pote and the deputies weren't hurt during the episode. He was returned to custody and faces an additional felony charge of escape.

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