SF business owners take action to address city's homeless problem

Some San Francisco business owners who are tired of the city's homeless problem are now taking matters into their own hands.

The businesses complain that there is a surge in the number of tents, tarps and shopping carts on the streets in the South of Market neighborhood.

For the owner of a local gym, Sebastyn Jacovics says the situation has reached such a critical level around his place, that he printed flyers, with the office number and email address of Mayor Ed Lee and every supervisor.

Jacovics hopes the deluge of phone calls and emails will prompt city leaders to finally take action.

"Every intersection, wherever you look at, is just overrun with homeless people," said Jacovics, Fitness SF.

"What's going on is just not acceptable. We need a plan.  We need a plan of action that works."

The homeless encampments are testing the tolerance of people in the neighborhood, who see people use the streets for drug-dealing and panhandling.

"You wouldn't see this downtown," said Harvey Woodmansen, San Francisco. "You wouldn't see it at city hall, you wouldn't see it anywhere else. They're pushing it out here, it's just not right."

"This absolutely is a moral crisis for the city and we must address it..," said Supervisor Jane Kim.

She said the city has opened a new center on Pier 80, and started outreach programs to help the homeless.