SF cannabis industry preps for high 4/20 traffic

The annual 4-20 gathering in San Francisco celebrates all things cannabis and this year is expected to draw a larger crowd.

In San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, tokers fill the air around Hippie Hill with clouds of smoke. At the Apotharcarium, one of San Francisco's premier cannabis dispensaries, they're expecting big crowds. 

"Tomorrow's 4/20 will probably be the busiest day we've ever had here at the Apothecarium" said Eliot Dobris a spokesperson for the dispensary. "It's on the weekend, it's fully legal in the state of California, so we are expecting a lot of people to turn out."

Staff there say after legalization in 2018 the cannabis industry is maturing. Cash and credit cards are accepted, there's an HR department and they say coming to a cannabis dispensary is statistically safer than going to a bank or a restaurant.

And now it's easier than ever to get weed. With delivery service customers never even need to leave home.

Everyone who comes in to shop has to show government issued ID—same deal for delivery. 

"You upload your government ID. You'll be approved in about 15-30 minutes," said Dorbis. "Then you can make your order. When the delivery person comes to your house or apartment to make sure you're the person who submitted the order."

Rick and Polly Goodell are visiting from Wisconsin and say the idea of delivery makes a lot of sense, especially in the Bay Area. 

"Living in this proximity, I think it's great," said Rick Goodell. "So you don't have to go and get it and deal with the traffic."    

KTVU also talked with Eaze. The cannabis delivery company has made an estimated three million deliveries statewide.

"Eighty percent of California cities have banned dispensaries. That means millions of Californians rely on delivery—which is allowed to all jurisdictions--in order to access the legal market," said an Eaze Spokesperson.

One final note, dispensaries say they will be making deliveries tomorrow but say they expect to be really busy. So, just like a Superbowl Sunday pizza delivery, it may be quicker to go to a dispensary rather than wait for a delivery driver.