SF firefighters deliver thousands of gifts to children in need

San Francisco's bravest and the city's finest are working hard to make sure every child has a happy holiday season.      

The city's firefighters delivered thousands of holiday gifts today but San Francisco Police are struggling and asking for the public's help to bring joy to all the city's children.

Santa came early to San Francisco City Hall courtesy of the city's firefighters, holding their annual holiday gift giveaway.

Kids gathered at the grand staircase-- surrounded by toys got to visit with St. Nick and walked away with a some holiday cheer.

"I got an American Girl doll," said one girl. "I did too!" said another. "I got an American doll, a science one!" said a third.

Organizers say the goal is simple bringing joy to boys and girls this holiday season. "This is our favorite part of the year," said Tom O'Connor from SF Firefighters Local 798. "We get to reach out to needy San Francisco children and make sure they're not forgotten this holiday season, so this is our favorite time of the year."

A big contingent from Carver Elementary School in the city's Bayview District was on hand. Their principal saying this event is like a small holiday miracle. "The most important thing to me is access," said 
Emmanuel Stewart Carver Elementary School Principal. "How many times do they get a chance to come to City Hall? How many chances do they have a chance to say 'hey, that's the mayor!'"
            London Breed posed Santa and kids and reminding these kids that anyone of them could be mayor one day. "People are always asking me if Im having a good time," said Breed. "Today I'm having a great time. I used to get my toys from station 5 from San Francisco Firefighters when I was a kid."
            While firefighters were making holiday dreams come true, San Francisco Police say donations are way down and they're working to make sure this doesn't turn into a holiday nightmare. "We have a few days left before the holidays kick in, and anything the community can do would really be a help," said Raphael Rockwell from the San Francisco Police Department.
            "We're collecting toys from Walgreens so if you have a toy and want to deliver it, we have boxes there for drop off. We have a gofundme, and at any police station we have bins set up to collect toys," said Rockwell.
            San Francisco Police and Fire say it's not a competition about who can gather the most toys. Instead both say it's a team effort throughout the city to make sure every child has a magical holiday season.