SF Firefighter's Union endorses London Breed for Mayor

San Francisco firefighters have chosen to endorse London Breed for mayor, according to SFFD union Local 798.

The decision followed a candidate forum on Thursday morning were firefighters pressed the top four mayoral candidates: Angela Alioto, London Breed, Jane Kim, and Mark Leno. 

Each candidate fielded questions about how the next mayor would deal with a department that is understaffed, underfunded, and in some cases, using outdated equipment. All agreed there needs to be more collaboration between the fire department and the city.

“When we express what’s going on out there, it usually goes under the table and no one hears about it,” Lt. Ken Smith said.

It’s those kinds of concerns that have led to frustration among firefighters in the past. Some want to see new leadership that comes through the ranks.

Alioto said emergency services are priority departments that should trump other department. Leno said because of the growing number of residents in the city, the department should be kept whole at all time. Kim said she fully supports the idea to promote leadership from within. Breed said the department should not have to worry about using old equipment. 

Immediately following the forum, firefighters debated their decision and ultimately chose to endorse Breed.

“We want to be heard and respected,” Smith added. “It’s all about the citizens that we’re concerned about.”