SF hospital 'crowns' its newborns to celebrate arrival of Britain's royal baby

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A hospital in San Francisco gave its newborns the "royal treatment," on Monday as it celebrated the arrival of Britain's new Baby Sussex.

Eight infants, who were all born at Sutter's new CPMC Van Ness campus, were "crowned" with a tiny crocheted golden headpiece lovingly hand-woven by one of the hospital's own nurses.
"These boys and girls will forever share a special day with the royal couple's new arrival," said hospital spokeswoman Ashley Boarman in a press release. 

Photos showed the "crowned" newborns in a peaceful deep slumber. Some of the images were of the tiny princes and princesses being held by their happy and proud new parents.

The hospital noted that the mini crowns were crocheted by CPMC nurse June Shiraki, who has been making beanies for newborns at the hospital for the past seven years.

It was also worth a mention that this week has been designated as "National Nurses Week," so the hospital took the opportunity to give a shout out to all of its nurses, "for the remarkable care they provide every day."

Britain's as-yet-unnamed baby arrived on Monday at 5:26 a.m. and for now is being simply referred to as Baby Sussex. The baby boy arrived less than a year after Prince Harry wed American actress Meghan Markle.

On Monday, Harry delivered a gushing announcement of the birth, no doubt expressing what the new parents at CPMC were feeling. "This little thing is absolutely to die for," the prince said. "I'm just over the moon."