SF supes' plan to get RV dwellers on the road to permanent housing

One can find recreational vehicles parked in some of the nooks and crannies around San Francisco-- for some it's their only home.

Now the Board of Supervisors has a new plan in place to help those RV owners get on the road to permanent housing.

The Board of Supervisors approved on Tuesday, a pilot overnight safe parking program for the dozens of recreational vehicles scattered throughout the city, many of those working to stay one step ahead of the department of parking and traffic.

Now the supervisors are giving the OK to a plan to set up a designated parking area inside the city; something plan backers are calling a triage center- complete with showers and city services in an effort to give those RV operators a place to stay for 90 days and hopefully a leg up on finding permanent housing.

"Everyone we know, is going to be different," said the legislation author Supervisor Vallie Brown. "But we have a place for them to come and safely park and then get the services they need, plus assessment, and have that were the city can shine a light on what's out next step."

The city is still working out the details on the plan including exactly where to locate the new RV parking lot and how to clear any citations the owners have pick up.

The city is expected to work out those details specifically where the RV parking lot park will be within the next three months.