SF Unified to rename 44 schools; current monikers 'inappropriate'

The San Francisco Unified District school board voted Tuesday night to rename 44 schools that they have found inappropriate. 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the list includes George Washington High School because the former president owned slaves.

Also on the list: Lincoln High, because of Abraham Lincoln's federal treatment of Native Americans when he was president. 

San Francisco Mayor London Breed says she supports renamining the schools, but questions why the timeline for renaming schools is so soon. 

"Our students are suffering, and we should be talking about getting them in classrooms, getting them mental health support, and getting them the resources they need in this challenging time," Breed said in a statement. 

Breed also says she wants to see current students having a say in the matter.

Each school has until April to suggest a new name.

The city waded into similar territory in June when it removed a Christopher Columbus statue from Coit Tower, because of the explorer's subjugation of indigenous people.