SFPD and SFFD rescue "Loki" the dog from rocky cliffside in Telegraph Hill

San Francisco police released body-camera video Thursday of an evening dog rescue from a steep, rocky cliffside in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood.

Police and firefighters teamed up to rescue the Labrador Retriever named "Loki," shortly after 6 p.m. Tuesday after Loki slipped through a hole in a fence near the Greenwich Street Steps.

Loki then fell down a 20-30 foot section of the cliffside, prompting her owner to call for help.

An officer climbed up the cliffside from below, entering from Lombard Street, and used a flashlight to locate Loki.

After the officer coaxed Loki for some time, and with the help of the owner calling the dog, the officer was able to secure her.

Firefighters then used a rope dropped from the top of the cliff to climb up the hillside from below and carry Loki down to Lombard Street.

Loki suffered minor injuries from the fall and was treated by a vet. She is recovering at home.