SFPD continues investigation into dismembered body found inside Outer Mission District home

San Francisco police are investigating a gruesome scene in the city's Outer Mission Neighborhood.

While looking for a missing person, police discovered a dismembered body inside a home. Now, what started as a missing persons case is now a homicide investigation.

The search for 73-year-old Benedict Ching began monday before noon.

The investigation led to a home on Del Monte Street in the city's Outer Mission Neighborhood.

Police say in the course of their investigation they discovered body parts.

Detectives are working to see if the remains are those of the missing man.

"We're waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the remains of the person," said Robert Rueca  of the San Francisco Police Department. "And, to confirm or not confirm is this is the missing person."

Neighbor Richard Maldonado described a gruesome scene. "They were taking out a couple of bodies, some of it dismembered," said Maldonado. "Maybe one person in two."

Neighbors tell KTVU that an older man lived here with his daughter and grandchildren.

Neighbors say a man, the daughter's husband or boyfriend, would visit frequently.

Mei Chan, a neighbor who lives next door, says the last time she saw them was last week.

"He's a really nice man. In the morning he would say good morning," said Chan. "Really sad. I don't believe it. I'm so shocked."

Police today confirming they are going door to door looking for leads.

"In any criminal investigation investigators will scour the area for evidence, and that includes video surveillance," said Rueca.

Several homes in the area are outfitted with cameras including Mei Chan's. She says she shared video from her cameras with police of the older man's daughter, her boyfriend or husband and one of the children leaving the home over the weekend.

She also says she heard loud noises coming from the home.

Neighbors also say they occasionally hear loud arguments from inside the home. "Yelling and screaming, you could hear it," said neighbor Cindy O'Brien. "Always wondering who's screaming. It was really intense sometimes."

The medical examiners office is working to determine who the victim was in this case.

For now this is a homicide investigation and a missing person's case until they can determine if the remains they found are those of Benedict Ching.