SFPD gives update on man targeted by hate crimes

Terry Williams, a lifelong San Francisco resident, and beloved dogwalker was the target of multiple hate crimes over the last several months. 

Two months ago, Williams received multiple racist packages. A month after that, his family's home caught fire, destroying everything inside and injuring his mother. 

Willams has moved out of San Francisco temporarily, but he did not want to say where he has moved to out of fear of his safety.  

On Saturday at a rally for Williams, San Francisco Police Chief, Bill Scott, said his department is working hard to ensure justice is served. 

Scott told KTVU the interview is on-going and that they are focused on reviewing evidence and linking the crimes to a suspect. 

"There are a lot of cameras on that street and there are some clues there," Scott said. "The key to this is connecting evidence to a person if thats forensic video or eyewitness…once we can connect this to a person or persons thats when this comes together/"