SFPD Pokemon Go safety tips: Just remember, you're in the ‘real world'

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It’s a game that’s been all the rage and much talked about on social media, but it’s also seeping into the streets and causing some safety and privacy concerns. Pokemon Go, a free gaming app, has only been available in the U.S. since Thursday, but the wild success has already been met with backlash over data collection and seemingly unlimited access to user’s information.

Even San Francisco Police Department issued Pokemon Go safety tips as a result for adults and kids alike. They included the line, “So as you battle, train and capture your Pokemeon, just remember you’re in the real world!”

Adults have been seen wandering about the city with their faces buried in their screens as they walk around the city partaking in the phenomenon. 

Fortunately SFPD address this for those who may be devoid of common sense. They note that other law enforcement agencies, “throughout the world” have been reporting accidents and injuries and that fake ‘Pokespots’ have been the source of reported robberies in some instances.

On a serious note they do tell parents to warn their children of "stranger danger" because the app may bring strangers together in real life at Pokestops. 

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