SFPD racist texts panel to review 3,000 criminal cases

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi represents some of the clients whose cases will be reviewed. He says he wasn't told about the task force expansion.

"But if we were, I'd say you've got to include the people who were the victims of racial profiling," said Adachi.

Adachi suggested KTVU talk to Mike Gebreysus, a man who was arrested on a misdemeanor by the SFPD in 2007.

"It's still on my arrest record that I spent 24 hours in jail," said Gebreysus.

Gebreysus says he used to sell pot and is now trying to turn his life around to be a firefighter paramedic.

Though the case that officers arrested him for was thrown out, it's still with him because of what he says the officer said on the way to jail.

" [He said] 'Yeah, these monkeys, these n-----s, I'm after them. You have no home, no family.' This guy is dangerous!" said Gebreysus.

The officer is one of those under investigation by the task force. Gebreysus said he doesn't think all police are bad.

"I'm not saying I'm an angel, but he's not the judge. A bad apple spoils the bunch. it only takes a couple bad officers to make the whole force look bad," said Gebreysus.

Officials said it was hoped that the panel will have the probe completed by the end of the year.