Sheriff submits Toronto Raptors president vs. deputy shoving case to DA; no charges filed to date

The Alameda County Sheriff's Office has submitted its case to the District Attorney following allegations that the Toronto Raptors president shoved a deputy over his credentials during Game 6 of the NBA Finals at Oakland's Oracle Arena on June 13, KTVU has learned.

Raptors president shoved sheriff's deputy over credentials

Sgt. Ray Kelly did not provide any more information than that on Tuesday, referring all other questions to the DA's Office. 

DA spokesman Ray Casarez would only say that the "case is still under investigation" and there has been no charging decision at this point. Previously, Kelly said his office would recommend a misdemeanor battery charge against Masai Ujiri.

It's unclear when the case was submitted. But on June 18, the DA's office told KTVU via email that prosecutors hadn't received the case, and then on July 9, the DA's office said the investigation wasn't complete. 

In addition, a records search of state and federal civil cases show that Ujiri has not been named in any lawsuits as of Tuesday, despite the deputy's attorney saying one would likely be filed. 

Several calls to the deputy's attorney, David Mastagni, who said his client suffered a concussion and jaw injury after the altercation, were not returned. 

It's also unclear whether the 20-year veteran was back at work. On June 18, Mastagni, who represents the sheriff's union, told KTVU that his client was out on medical leave. 

According to a previous interview with Kelly, Ujiri was stopped by the deputy for not displaying the proper credential to access the court as he tried to get on the court after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors to clinch their first NBA championship. In an earlier version of the story, Kelly said Ujiri didn't show any credential at all, but video of the scene by attendees showed otherwise.

A brief shoving match ensued, during which Kelly said Ujiri pushed the deputy twice, one time striking him in the jaw. He said there was body camera and surveillance video of the event, which the Sheriff Greg Ahern reviewed personally and backed his deputy after watching it. 

Attorney: Deputy in clash with Raptors exec has concussion, jaw injury and may sue

Witness Gregory Wiener told KTVU at the time that he saw Ujiri swat the deputy's hand away and then shove the deputy in the chest. But he said he never saw the Raptors' president strike the deputy in the face or jaw.

The Raptors have declined official comment on the incident, other than to say the team was cooperating with authorities. At a news conference on July 25, Ujiri told reporters that he was going to respect the process and the investigation. "I am confident about who I am as a person, my character and as a human being," he said at the time. "I respect authority." 

As for Wiener, he's been wondering what's been going on with the case, too. He said he gave a statement over the phone to Kelly in June and has heard nothing since. 

"I think they just want to let it die and have it go away quietly," Wiener said.