Shooting at Oakland Pop Warner football game wounds 3

Oakland police are investigating a shooting that sent three people including a minor to local hospitals. Witnesses told KTVU it happened during a Pop Warner football game Sunday afternoon at Oakland Technical High School. 

Oakland police are not releasing much information about the victims or any suspects. The shooting follows activists in East Bay who walked the streets, asking people to put down their guns on Friday.

Oakland police say they responded to reports of gunshots and multiple victims on Broadway Sunday afternoon around 1:15. OPD did not confirm the exact location but people attending an Oakland Dynamites Pop Warner football game say it happened near Oakland Tech High School. 

"Our city deserves to be a community in which people can be safe," said Pastor George Cummings, Faith in Action East Bay regional director.  

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After arriving at the scene, Oakland police say they saw evidence of a shooting, discovered three people shot and had them taken to local hospitals for medical treatment. 

"Obviously, a shooting of that kind, at Pop Warner, in the neighborhood, in a church, at a football game, all of that is totally inappropriate and we believe that we have to do the very best we can to impact the level of violence in our community," Cummings said.  

Faith in Action East Bay has been holding ‘night walks’ in Oakland since 2012 and Cummings says before the pandemic in 2019, the group helped reduce the number of homicides in Oakland. The group’s last night walk was held on July 22. Cummings says they’re still engaging with young men and women in the community, hoping to regain the partnerships that lead to a decrease in gun violence. 

"We believe we need to engage those family members, those people we call influencers, who are able to make the case to them that they really do need to change their lifestyles and opt for a different option," Cummings said.                                

Police say the shooting victims are in stable condition and they’ll continue to investigate this incident. Anyone with any information can contact the Oakland Police Felony Assault Unit at (510) 238-3426.