Shooting on I-880 in Oakland was result of road rage, SUV owner says

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It happened within moments. Gunfire on a busy Oakland freeway.

"He opened the window, he pulled a gun - and they shot him," said Haissam Chouman.

Chouman owns the Toyota RAV4 that came under fire at about 6:30 p.m. Monday. A bullet hole is visible in the passenger-side door.

Chouman wasn't in the SUV, but two of his friends were. They were driving north on I-880 near 98th Avenue in East Oakland when they tried to move into the lane on their right.

"They were trying to pass another car, and the other car, they not let him, to pass on them," Chouman said.

Chouman says his friend who was driving made a "what gives" gesture, jutting both his hands skyward, as if to signal, "What's up? What's wrong?"

Without warning, the other driver reacted, rolling down his window before firing a single shot.

"The bullet come from the right, from the passenger side," Chouman said. "So they come from the other side, from the right to the left, right away."

The bullet missed the passenger, went through the driver's right hand before lodging in his leg.

Thankfully, he'll survive.

"He's OK," Chouman said. "Today, he has surgery. They're trying to take the bullet from his leg."

Chouman is counting his blessings. 

"We're lucky. I'm lucky too. I'm not in the car," he said.

He says it's disturbing that drivers are resorting to violence over traffic disputes.

"I got shocked. I said 'Ah, oh my God.' like it's the first time it happened to us like this. Always, we drive safely and everything," he said.

"He added, "It's happening. People, like, crazy. They want to do everything. They think they own the whole street or the road."

CHP officers diverted cars off I-880 as they searched the freeway and the RAV4 for evidence. No arrests have been made.