Sideshows reported in three Bay Area cities overnight

Sideshows were reported in three Bay Area cities on Saturday night including Oakland, Vallejo and San Francisco.

Video shows sideshows happening in two different parts of Oakland: one just outside of the West Oakland Bart station and a second near the Seminary neighborhood. Video of the sideshow near 55th and Bancroft showed crowds  surrounding some of those spinning cars. Police reported a third sideshow along Foothill boulevard.

Video also shows the cars taking over the intersections, with the tire smoke filling the air as people watched and ran up to those spinning cars.

"Upon arrival, officers observed approximately 50 vehicles and 200 spectators participating in illegal Sideshow activity. As officers began to break up the Sideshow, the vehicles fled the area. Officers were able to locate evidence of a shooting. They did not locate any victims injured by gunfire, nor any property struck," said Oakland police in a statement.

It was the same deal in San Francisco. Video of the sideshow near DuBose and Van Ness showed police blocking an intersection under a freeway, seemingly to prevent people from running away. Some of the spectators there are seen doing push-ups, drinking and recording officers parked in their squad cars. 

"When officers arrived on scene, they observed vehicles engaged in stunt driving and spectators near the intersection.  When additional officers arrived on scene, the vehicles and spectators began fleeing from the scene," reported San Francisco police.

 "At this time there are no arrests from this incident.  Anyone with information is asked to contact the SFPD at 415-575-4444 or text a tip to TIP411 and begin the message with SFPD."

Another sideshow also took place in Vallejo. Spectators doused a Christmas tree in gas and lit it on fire. Video shows people running from the crowds into the middle of the sideshow.

Sideshows have become a growing concern for many other Bay Area cities. Just this week in Sonoma County, a new ordinance was passed that allows the county to fine and even arrest some people who participate in sideshows. The city of Hayward did the same earlier this week. Similar ordinances already exists in places like Oakland and other parts of Alameda County.