Sinkhole repairs on Oakland's Posey Tube complete

Emergency sinkhole repairs on a portion of road between Oakland and Alameda were completed Monday night, according to Alameda Public Works. 

The Posey Tube leaving Alameda is set to open at midnight Tuesday, officials said, with both lanes set to open all day Tuesday and for the duration of the week. 

Caltrans closed a portion of the Posey Tube when the sinkhole on State Route 260 was discovered Saturday near the intersection of Sixth and Harrison in Oakland, according to Caltrans spokesman Bob Haus.

As part of the project, engineers decided to extend the closure through the length of the Posey Tube.  Specifically, both eastbound lanes of Harrison Street from 6th in Oakland to Alameda entrance of Posey Tube will be closed from 10 a.m. Monday to midnight Tuesday.

AC Transit says Lines 19 (westbound), 20 (westbound), 51A (northbound), 851 (northbound), 96 (northbound), W (westbound), and O (westbound) will all experience detours this week leaving Alameda. 

The closure has caused delays for weekend travelers and weekday traffic delays are expected to be much longer, Haus said. Commuters traveling from Alameda into Oakland and onto the Interstate Highway 880 freeway are urged to use alternate routes and to allow for extra travel time.  

The city of Oakland staff had originally said lanes might have to remain closed for the better part of this week.