Sinking Millennium Tower may delay new transit center

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Construction could be delayed on San Francisco's new transit center because of the sinking Millenium condo tower nearby. 

City leaders have temporarily blocked funding for the massive Transbay Terminal Project.

City supervisors voted to stop funding the transbay project for the time being. They want to first sort out the issues with the neighboring Millenium Tower. 

The condo building at the corner of Mission and Fremont Streets has now sunk 16 inches in the past eight years.

It was only predicted to settle between 4 and 6 inches.Experts say the building could sink another 30 inches.

Officials with the Millennium Tower Project have suggested the nearby Transbay Transit Center project was to blame. That's why yesterday, San Francisco city leaders voted to withhold nearly $7 million in funding for the second phase of that transit project, which would create a Caltrain extension into downtown.  

But not everyone supports this move. Supervisor Scott Wiener was one of three supervisors who voted to continue funding design work for the new transbay terminal.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority says the entire project could be in jeopardy if that money isn't released or at the very least the project could be delayed. 

Although Tuesday's vote is not a final decision, supervisors will meet next month to discuss whether to continue funding phase two of the transbay project.