SJPD officer opens fire on armed burglary suspect

A nurse with the Palo Alto VA hospital is in police custody, after a bizarre incident overnight. San Jose Police say the man put on full military gear, climbed on the roof and tried to break into his neighbors’ homes at gunpoint.

Neighbors were terrified early Wednesday morning when a man dressed in military assault gear, armed with an assault rifle was demanding to be let in the second floor window of their townhouse on Bautista Place.

Neighbors we spoke to asked not to be identified. One of them, Marie, snapped photos as the scene unfolded.

"I laid down on the floor in the living room because I didn't want to get hit by a stray bullet," she said. "And I heard the shot that hit right here."

That shot was fired by San Jose Police, after they said the suspect pointed a weapon. It did not hit the man, who turned out to be a resident of the complex himself. 36-year old Shannon Nathan Wong lives right next to the homes he was apparently trying to break into.

"I heard somebody yell gun twice. I heard them yell my neighbor's name a couple of times so I knew exactly who they were talking about," says Marie.

Authorities said Wong had a loaded AR 15 assault rifle and a loaded Colt 1911 handgun. He was then taken into custody, without further incident.

The Palo Alto VA hospital confirmed Wong works there as a staff nurse and that they're cooperating with authorities on this investigation. Police said they aren't sure what triggered the incident.

"We're still vetting that out right now to find out his background. But it is my understanding that he did have camouflage or some type of fatigue outfit on. But as to his mental state, that's something we're still discussing and interviewing him as well," San Jose Police Chief Larry Esquivel said. 

Neighbors describe Wong as pleasant, quiet and meticulous when it comes to his home. They say what happened overnight just doesn't make sense.

"I'm just glad everybody's safe. Nobody got hurt," said Marie.

Wong was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail. The officer, who fired his weapon, was a 17- year veteran of the department and has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Detective Sgt. Hamblin or Detective Tanner of the San Jose Police Departments Homicide Unit at 408-277-5283.