Small woodworking business in San Jose hit by thieves

Thieves hit a pair of woodworkers who operate small niche business “Masterworks Wood & Design” in San Jose. The company specializes in old-style woodworking crafting custom furniture to bikes. 

The company said last Wednesday, the work van was cleaned out of pricey power tools and some tools that were handmade.

The wood shop is tucked hidden in a complex not far from Senter Road. The work van is parked out front in a well-lit area equipped with cameras. The owner suspects the thief has done this before and will do it again.

The company has been in business for 15 years. A down year last year and overhead costs has made it difficult for the company to grow. 

“For something like this to take place right now, it really does hurt, it really does put a dent in everything,” said Mauro Hernandez of Masterworks Wood & Design.

Around 12:20 a.m. surveillance video captured a man picking up what appears to be a computer part. He then uses a steal pipe to break the van’s window. A car drives up that may be involved. A trailer blocks the view. Motion-sensored cameras detect the car as it leaves.

Bill Holloway is the other half of the company and discovered the theft.

“There was glass all over, extension cords hanging out,” said Holloway. “Just the world we live in now, locks are for honest people.”

The van was emptied of tools from drills, levels, saws to even screws.

“The ones that hurt the most are all the specialty tools we have collected over the years,” said Hernandez.

Some tools were handmade and not easy to replace. All together the tools are valued at $13,000.

They suspect the thief may be tied to a growing encampment at Coyote Creek next to the complex. They don't believe they'll get their tools back and will likely be sold at flea markets.

The company has insurance but it’s not looking good.

“Make sure you aware of what your insurance is really covering you because as it stands right now it’s not looking like we will get anything back,” said Hernandez.

The company’s name is written on the tools but they suspect that will be easily scratched off. For now, friends and other shops in the complex are lending them tools. San Jose Police said so far, no one has been arrested.