Sneaky thief swipes purse at Santa Rosa gym

Surveillance video shows a sneaky thief stealing a woman's purse on Monday at a gym in Santa Rosa. 

The theft happened around 4:38 p.m. at Orangetheory Fitness and video shows the suspect casually put her handbag below the victim's purse in a cubby box, the Santa Rosa Police Department said. 

The suspect then grabs her bag and the victim's purse from the cubby holes at the same time.

As she walks away, she stuffs the victim's purse inside her large bag and leaves the gym. 

Police say the victim is also suspected of stealing another victim's credit card from a dressing room at a nearby department store. 

The suspect has racked up thousands of dollars in fraudulent purchases on both the victims' credit cards, police said. 

Officers say the woman appears to be in her 30s and was wearing a long denim dress, sandals and a baseball cap. 

She kept her head down during the incident to conceal her face. 

Anyone who recognizes the woman is asked to contact Detective Terry White at 707-543-3575.