Social media helps recognize Disney employee who went above and beyond

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The selfless Disney employee has been found, thanks to the power of social media.

From a grateful dad to the social media account of a KTVU news anchor, praise of Roberto, the generous Disney employee who made a Family’s day, echoed loud enough that Disney tracked him down and awarded him with the proper recognition.

Roberto spontaneously arranged for Disney character Doc McStuffins to greet two seven-year-old friends who suffer from a terminal disease called Sanfiippo Syndrome.

Glenn O’Neill, father of Eliza, one of the young girls, felt compelled to identify the compassionate man who brought tears to his eyes.

The family was able to thank him, but they separated before O’Neill could get his name.

O’Neil utilized a photo with Roberto in the background and took to Facebook, where KTVU’s Frank Somerville noticed the story and called for the public’s help.

Somerville’s post received 1,231 shares and soon the message arrived at the doorstep of Disney.