Solano County shelter rescues dozens of breeding dogs from home

VALLEJO, Calif. (KTVU) -- The SPCA of Solano County on Monday was continuing to work around the clock to care for 100 dogs rescued from a home in Fresno last week.

When the shelter got the call, the facility was already full. But that didn't matter; there were dogs in need of help.

The call came from almost 200 miles away near Fresno. A longtime breeder was about to be evicted. She had been suffering from health problems and her dogs -- Yorkshire terriers, Shi Tzus and American bulldogs -- were in bad shape.

"I think it was a sad situation I don't think it was a purposeful situation I think it got away from her," said SPCA veterinarian Kelly Palm.

So the staff got in the cars and drove down there expecting to rescue 30 dogs. Instead, they found a hundred.

"When you are there, you aren't going to leave anyone behind," explained executive director of the SPCA of Solano County Dave Roth. "You just pick them up and take them all back."

The dogs were in rough shape. They were matted and dirty and almost all of them had dental problems. None had been spayed or neutered.

It took more than 24 hours to rescue the dogs from the house last Wednesday and Thursday. The cost of addressing the problems for such a large group of dogs is significant.

"If they actually had to have the surgery done -- not at our low-cost spay and neuter clinic, which luckily we have -- I think you'd probably be looking at by the time you had them de-matted and had everything done, you are probably looking at and the dental $600 a dog," said Palm.

The community has stepped up and donated supplies and time. The staff and volunteers spent the weekend cleaning and caring for the animals in the hopes of getting them ready for adoption this weekend.

Dr. Palm says almost all the dogs are adoptable and Shelter Director Debbie Dillon says they all have very sociable, gentle and loving.

Dillon says whenever they have these breeds in their shelter, they are adopted quickly.

"They are very nice they just want to be petted they are very sweet," says Dillon, "I have a lot of people who are interested."

The pure bred dogs would normally be sold for about $1,500 by a breeder. The SPCA of Solano County says adoption fees will range from $300 to $400. To get information on adopting the dogs, visit the SPCA of Solano County website.