Somber remembrance for Dublin girl who went missing 30 years ago

More than 200 people gathered for a somber remembrance Wednesday night for a 13-year-old Dublin girl who vanished walking home from school. It’s been 30 years since Ilene Misheloff went missing. Authorities suspect she was kidnapped. Her parents have never given up hope finding her.

Loved ones of 13-year-old Ilene Misheloff filled the pews at St. Raymond Church in Dublin. She’s been missing for three decades but forever remains in their hearts.

“Every day without her gets harder and harder,” said Ilene’s Mother Maddi Misheloff. “All we want is to have her come home.”

“The hardest part is not knowing what she's going through,” said Ilene’s Father Mike Misheloff.

Back on January 30, 1989, the eighth grader walked by herself from Wells Middle School to her home in Dublin. The budding ice skater was picking up gear for practice. She never made it home.

Since her disappearance, every year, Ilene’s parents lead a walk along that same 1.5-mile path. They held signs and held out hope.

Among those walking was Michelle Morris who was Ilene’s classmate.

“She was always so friendly and nice to everybody especially me,” said Morris. “I was devastated when she wasn't there anymore.”

Morris is now 43-years-old, which is the same age Ilene would be.

“I’ve been able to experience life and she hasn't. We don't know where she is,” said Morris.

Age progression shows what Ilene could look like now. Witnesses last saw her at the corner of Village Parkway and Amador Valley Road. Ilene’s keychain was found in a dry creek bed in a park not far from her home.

"30 would think that something would have come up, some sort of lead to give us an answer,” said Ilene’s Cousin Michelle Washington. “It's hard on the whole family.”

“I have one picture, a small one next to my bed that I say good night to every night and good morning to every morning,” said Maddi Misheloff.

Ilene's parents have kept her room just as she left it, proudly displaying her skates and medals. All of them praying that she will come home.

“We need people to hear we are looking for,” said Maddi Misheloff. “Nobody's forgotten. She's out there somewhere and we need here back. She needs to be back.”

Ilene’s parents turn to Jaycee Dugard’s case for strength. They said it's never too late to speak up. Dublin police has dedicated investigators on the case.