Some BART tracks to be replaced after weekend derailment

DALY CITY (BCN)-- Some components of BART tracks near the Daly City station will be replaced overnight following a derailment Saturday that damaged two train cars, some track and the third rail, officials with the transit agency said Monday.

No injuries were reported among the 24 people on board when two cars derailed at 2:55 p.m. Saturday about 400 feet from the Daly City station platform.

The derailment occurred at a rail joint where two sections of rail meet. Two cars in the middle of a nine-car Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train left the tracks, according to BART officials.

The cause of the derailment is still under investigation and BART officials do not yet have any damage cost estimates.

The track near the derailment was last inspected on May 18 of this year and is not an area that was closed for work last year.

Repairs have already been made to run trains through the area this week, BART officials said.

The derailment caused a major delay systemwide Saturday. Trains started running through the area about 90 minutes after the derailment.

It does not appear the derailment was caused by an error by the operator, BART officials said.