Some Bay Area beaches closed on Labor Day; other beaches packed with huge crowds

Many Bay Area beaches are closed over the Labor Day weekend because of coronavirus, and the ones that are open have been dealing with huge crowds. 

Some of the beaches were so packed that proper social distancing became challenging.

The Half Moon Bay City Council decided to keep beaches open because they said they didn’t have the personnel to enforce closures. That led to large crowds and now, some people who live there are worried about the spread of COVID-19. 

Some flock to the beach on Labor Day. Other beaches were closed because of coronavirus.

"Today was different than yesterday in that we had more traffic, gridlock, more people at the beaches and not enough of them wearing their masks," said Brent Turner. 

In Marin and Sonoma counties, beaches were mostly open. 

Beaches in Pacifica and Santa Cruz County were closed, although a KTVU photographer saw still saw a lot of people disobeying the order.

In San Francisco, parking lots to Ocean Beach were closed because of a Burning Man celebration that drew more than 1,000 to the beach Saturday night.

Police patrolled the area. They wanted to discourage the crowd from coming back. 

San Francisco Mayor London Breed tweeted, "This was absolutely reckless & selfish.  You are not celebrating.  You are putting people's lives at risk."