Some evacuation orders lifted in Mendocino County

The Mendocino County Sheriff Department lifted some mandatory evacuation orders for fire areas on Friday evening.

Re-population plans were announced for Potter Valley, Redwood Valley Rancheria, Ridgewood Ranch/Golden Rule and Reeves Canyon.

Residents returning to these areas should exercise extreme caution.  Fire, Law Enforcement, and utility crews continue to work in the area, and there are many downed trees and other hazards.  

Residents are allowed to return to the following areas, but remain under an evacuation warning:

1.  Communities of Golden Rule Mobile Home park, Ridgewood Ranch, and Reeves Canyon Road

2.  Madrone Lane accessed off of Road I

3.  Redwood Avenue including Redwood Valley Rancheria

Potter Valley in the following areas:

1.  Eel River Road south of the Stroh Ranch

2.  Powerhouse Road

3.  Gibson Lane east of Hawn Creek Road

4.  Hawn Creek Road

5.  Main Street east of Hawn Creek

6.  Westside Potter Valley Road

7.  Spring Valley Road

8.  Potter Valley Road from Highway 20 to Main Street (excluding Shale Lane)

9.  Remainder of the Potter Valley community, including everything west of the Lake County line

Road Closures at the following locations. Only fire, law enforcement and public utilities may pass:

1.  Eel River Road at Oat Gap

2.  Potter Valley Road south of Stroh Ranch

3.  Busch Lane at Powerhouse Road

4.  Gibson Lane at Hawn Creek Road

5.  Shale Lane at Potter Valley Road