Some local fans' loyalties divided between Warriors, Dellavedova

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KTVU) -- The cheers and groans kept coming in waves Tuesday night as the NBA Finals Game 3 turned into a gut-wrenching test of fans' endurance with Warriors' late surge and ultimate fall.

For some, it was also a game that brought out divided loyalties.

"They haven't tried as hard as they used to and they have a lot more in them and they haven't tried as hard as they should," said Ivette Caceras of Millbrae, who watched from the 1515 Restaurant in Walnut Creek.

Upstairs at a private watch party held by St. Mary's College, Bay Area Warriors fans were cheering for Cleveland Cavalier number 8, Matthew Dellavedova, a St. Mary's alum who had his playing time boosted after the Cavs' All-Star Kyrie Irving was injured.

"It's like the other ones, it's a great game and the Warriors are tough. They're hard to get rid of," said Randy Bennett, St. Mary's basketball coach who worked with Dellavedova.

"It's like having a family member in this game," Bennett said, saying watching was harder than actually coaching Dellavedova, "You want it to go well but you have no control, so it's definitely tougher watching."

Dellavedova's former academic adviser and St. Mary's psychology professor Mary True was also at the watch party.

"I live in Oakland, I'm real excited about the Warriors," True told KTVU. "But I've known Delly for 5 years and people are here because they really either respect or love Delly and it's not just his athletic skills."

The game was another tough match-up that left Warriors fans' hearts and stomachs in the lurch once again.

"I hope it doesn't go to Game 7. 'cause that might create an ulcer," said Brent Wyse of Walnut Creek.

It's a stressful series, no doubt, but one that's showcasing the best in basketball and basketball's most loyal fans.