Some opponents determined to keep pot dispensary out of Sunset District

Opponents of a proposed marijuana dispensary in San Francisco's Sunset District are still clamoring to keep it out, even though the city planning commission already gave the pot club the green light.

The future site of a marijuana dispensary sits on 32nd Avenue and Noriega and would be co-owned by former Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and her husband as well as the owners of the Apothecarium dispensary on Market Street.

"This isn't an issue up for debate. The law is very clear," said Brad Dacus, the President & Founder of the Pacific Justice Institute, who's been representing angry neighbors for months. today he and the group marched up to the City Clerk's Office at city hall to file an appeal.

"We have in the law a specific requirement that no place where children congregate can be within 600 feet of such a dispensary," said Dacus.

Neighbors say the proposed medical cannabis dispensary, which has plans to sell recreational marijuana, could pose a threat to children at a nearby church preschool.

"When it becomes recreational, the law has no restrictions rules how to forbid people who smoke and drive and also get out of the shop and just hang out in the neighborhood," said Wendy Wong.

But the dispensary owners say their business would not be a danger to kids. After all, right next door to the church, is a liquor store.

"They are misinterpreting the law as they have done repeatedly and they're making things up about dangers to children which simply do not exist," said Eliot Dobris, who spearheads marketing and communications for The Apothecarium.

The owners say the state law that opponents are referring to, only applies to K-12, not preschools.

They also point to the fact that they have voter support.

"Back in November 58 percent of voters in the Sunset voted to increase access to marijuana. That's a landslide," said Dobris.

But cannabis club opponents say the laws surrounding recreational pot clubs are still hazy and they worry the dispensary will bring unwelcome riff-raff.

No word from the SF Planning Commission as to how long the appeals process will take.