Son kills father, husband strangles wife, San Jose police say

San Jose police announced on Monday two separate arrests: In one case, a son allegedly killed his father, in the other, a husband allegedly strangled his wife.

In the most recent death, the father was found dead on March 18 at 6:36 a.m. in the 2500 block of Fontaine Road. He is the city's 6th homicide victim this year. 

Police said they followed clues and found the son at a nearby motel. He was arrested on homicide charges. 

In the second case, police arrested 46-year-old Alejandro Mozo-Crisostomo in the March 14 homicide of his wife, who was found strangled in the upstairs bedroom in the 1300 block of Foxdale Loop. 

On that day, Mozo-Crisostomo had called them to say his wife was dead. 

Later, Mozo-Crisostomo told investigators that he hit his wife after she struck him during an early-morning argument, and then he allegedly strangled her when she started screaming, according to a police synopsis of the investigation provided to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office,  

After the fight, Mozo-Crisostomo called two people and told them he believed he had just killed his wife, police said. 

When officers first arrived at the home, Mozo-Crisostomo wasn't there but showed up a short time later saying he was dropping two of his children off at school.

He then allowed officers into the home, where they found his wife on her back in bed, covered with a blanket, according to the police report. 

The report notes that Mozo-Crisostomo was previously arrested in March 2012 in connection with "a domestic violence incident" involving his wife and that she alleged "multiple unreported incidents of domestic violence involving the suspect which included the suspect threatening to kill her and brandishing a knife at her." 

Mozo-Crisostomo, also known as MoroCrisostomo, was arraigned and charged with murder on Thursday and is scheduled to make a court appearance on April 5 to enter a plea, according to the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office. 

Bay City News contributed to this report.