South Bay Assemblyman Evan Low says his brother was officer who pulled partner to safety in ambush

South Bay Assemblyman Evan Low, D - Cupertino, says his brother is the San Jose police officer who pulled his partner to safety after she was shot when they were ambushed on Wednesday

Low wrote on social media, "Today, my brother and his partner were ambushed on duty by a gunman and his partner was shot. Please send your encouragement to the officer who remains in the hospital and to my brother who is my hero. Yes, my support for law enforcement is deeply personal, but they should also have your support. They risk this for all of us."

The wounded female officer, who has not been identified, was taken to Santa Clara Valley Medical Center this morning and is currently listed in critical, but stable condition. 

The assemblyman joined KTVU's 11 o'clock news on Wednesday to talk about his brother's heroic actions. Low said his brother, Ryan Low, acted without hesitation to get his partner out from the line of fire. 

"Even as I talk to you right now, I'm shivering. I'm rushing down from Sacramento to give my brother a big hug and hold him as long as I can," the assemblyman said. "There will be a time and place to recap all of this. Think about what happened." 

Assemblyman Evan Low says his brother, Ryan Low, is the San Jose police officer who pulled his partner to safety when she was shot in the line of duty during an ambush. 

The ambush attack happened while the officers were responding to a family disturbance call in a neighborhood west of downtown. 

An arrest in the shooting has been made. Convicted felon Gabriel Marco Carreras, 44, was taken into custody after an hours-long standoff. 

Carreras’ wife told police he was drunk, busted open the bathroom door and accused him of trying to hit her. She called police around 8:20 Wednesday morning.

"Less than 30 seconds after arriving, one of the officers attempted to call out from the front door balcony and announce themselves as San Jose Police officers. The suspect exited onto the balcony’s landing and from a position of concealment, discharged a firearm striking our officer," said SJPD Chief Anthony Mata. 

Mata said the female officer was shot in her upper body and outside of the bullet-proof vest she was wearing. Neither officer returned fire, but the surviving officer pulled his partner to safety and began tending to her injuries.

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"Our officers face dangers every single day they put on this uniform and badge," Mata said. "They know full well that they may be confronted by such heartlessness and violence like they did today."

The officer who was shot is a 10-year veteran of the force. This is the first time a woman has been shot in the line of duty within the department. Low has six years with SJPD. 

Both officers had their body-worn cameras on when the shooting occurred. Chief Mata said those cameras helped him figure out what had happened. No one else was home at the time and no one else was injured during the shooting. 

Chief Mata said the actions of Ryan Low surely contributed to both of them surviving the ambush attack. 

KTVU's LaMonica Peters contributed to this story.