South Bay schools brace for heat; some don't have air conditioning

Some South Bay schools are bracing for tomorrow's heat. Lucha Elementary doesn't have central air, so they're taking extra precautions to make sure kids stay cool.

Administrators at Lucha admit tomorrow's forecasted temperatures in the 90s caught them a bit by surprise.

"I mean you definitely don't expect that in April, to be that hot already. We expect it more for June and September. So we definitely start making preparations as soon as we see that forecast," Kristin Burt, Principal at Lucha Elementary.

The goal is to make kids and staff as comfortable as possible. They've brought in some portable air conditioners which seem to help a bit. They have extra water on hand, and they'll be telling teachers to be flexible about where they teach.

"Underneath this tree there's lots of shade so it makes it more comfortable if you're doing a read aloud to be out here than to be in the classroom where it might be stuffier," says Burt.

There is hope for some infrastructure improvements down the road in the Alum Rock Union School District.
Voters will have their say on "Measure I" in June.

"We want to continue the bond that's out there and top of the list is air conditioning at school sites. So we need that funding to make it happen," says Burt.

"Sometimes I worry about it," admits Paola Gutierrez, who was picking up her sister from school.

Families say they handle the heat as best they can.

"We just try to make sure we keep them hydrated. And make sure they're dressed cool," says Ulises Gutierrez, who was picking up his child.

And for students who are just back from Spring Break,  the school warns, don't get summer fever just yet.

"We want the students to understand that yes it is going to be a hot day but learning is still happening and we still expect our students and our staff to be on their game," says Burt.