South Bay sizzles with record heat as residents try to stay cool

The South Bay was one of the hottest spots in the Bay Area on Friday during a second consecutive day of high temperatures.

By noon, the temperatures had soared to 90 degrees, prompting a shift in the lexicon.

While engaged in a game of pick-up basketball, Youssef Daoud hoped for some respite from the blazing sun.

"It’s really hot. And there’s no shade around the basketball courts. So it’s really hot. I was trying to sit in the shade. And I’m sweating like crazy. And I’ve only been playing for 40 minutes," said Daoud.

The above-average temperatures transformed early fall into what felt like an extension of summer.

Dr. Alison Bridger, an atmospheric scientist and professor at San Jose State University, explained, "It comes from air that’s up high in altitude that compresses. And it’s a little bit like when you pump air into a bicycle tire, it heats up."

The direct sunlight posed challenges for some people working outdoors. A mail carrier advised wearing appropriate clothing for such conditions while his delivery rounds.

"Sometimes I wear something light underneath, light colors. Cut off shirts underneath. A bottle of water. That’s what I do to keep cool, get through the day," he said.

The National Weather Service extended a heat advisory that was set to expire on Saturday, while Santa Clara County officials provided eight libraries as cooling centers.

Diane Roche, communications director, highlighted the amenities at these centers, saying, "We’re air-conditioned. There’s a lot of seating. There are different things to do. You can use our public WiFi or public computers. So it’s just a very comfortable place to come and escape the heat."

Meteorologists said the sizzle would start to lose its sting by the end of the weekend, with Mother Nature showing mercy from the rising mercury.

Bridger noted, "We’re heading into winter. You should be glad. This could be our last very warm weekend of the year. Generally speaking, it’s downhill from here."

Jesse Gary is a reporter based in the station's South Bay bureau. Follow him on X (formerly Twitter), @JesseKTVU and on Instagrm, @jessegontv.