Hotter than hot: Can San Franciscans handle the heat?

Heat is often in the mind of the beholder, especially where it's not constantly hot; more often, decidedly cool.  

Historically, September is San Francisco's hottest month--that is if you want to call an average of 71 degrees hot. But, highs in the upper 80s in October, or on any day, are unusual enough to cause increased calls to the San Francisco Fire Department

"We do get more calls. Those calls are usually related to heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and more severely, heat stroke," said SFFD Public Information Officer Jonathan Baxter.

Folks out in the weather seemed to take in San Francisco stride; even the street performer who wore a heavy metal costume. 

"I just deal with it…drink water…stay hydrated and I shelter; just do the norm," said Fisherman's Wharf street performer Ronnie Darden.

"For October, this is what I'm used to because the Bay Area has the October weather, whether call it [Second] Summer or whatever. So, October is what I expect to be warm, especially around Fleet Week," said Elyse Rabb, who works in San Francisco's Financial District year-round.

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If it's not a regular habit, use hats or umbrellas, sunscreens, and drink lots of water to maintain body hydration, and have a hefty load of caution.  

"Please stay on the trails. Do not go off the trails. Please do not go onto rocks on the coast side and stay off of the cliffs," said Baxter. "…Before you go into the water, consider the treacherous rip tides around which should only be challenged by the most expert swimmers and surfers. We suggest that you go to a lifeguard-protected beach, such as Stinson Beach in Marin County or Santa Cruz Beach in Santa Cruz County which is lifeguard-protected," said Baxter.

On Thursday, only some 400 to 600 people enjoyed balmy Ocean Beach with far more likely to come here Friday and Saturday.