South Bay teens react to Kamala Harris's bid to make history

A Biden presidency would bring with it, the first female Vice President in history. A group of young women at San Jose Notre Dame High School shared what this means to them and their futures. 

 The girls are still in high school, but Notre Dame's League of Young Women Voters have been watching this election closely.
"Ironically none of us in our group are old enough to vote yet. So we all just share this passion for wanting a better future," says sophomore Malyna Trujillo.
It's a future that may include, for the first time, a woman vice president. And many of the teens see themselves in Kamala Harris. 
"Seeing someone that's just like me, like as a woman, as a woman of color, makes me feel more like empowered," said sophomore Meghaa Rabichandran.
The league held a Zoom meeting on Friday to discuss the impending election results. But they've been politically active all year. 

Pre-pandemic, they invited Secretary of State Alex Padilla to speak on campus. They've also been working to get out the vote. 
"They send birthday greetings to students when they turn 16 and 17 to preregister to vote and then when students turn 18 they send birthday greetings to register to vote," said parent and Director of Alumni Relations Monica Gomez. 
Notre Dame officials said there's a valuable lesson here about women in politics. And with a record number of women now heading to Congress, they said students are seeing it firsthand.
"It's day has come. And for the young women that are going to school right now, our students, they're going to assume that. They're going to assume that they will take a place at the table," says Notre Dame High School Principal Mary Beth Riley.
And this group is looking forward to the day when it isn't novel, but normal.
"It's possible for me to run for vice president and possibly president. And it's possible for other girls of color. I think that's really important for our generation to realize. This has been something we've needed for so long and the fact that it's here is really great for our country," said Trujillo.
And people at Notre Dame say they feel an extra connection to Kamala Harris since her niece attended the school for about a year.