Schiff campaigns in Bay Area for Feinstein's seat

It's been just days since Senator Dianne Feinstein announced she will not run for re-election. And the effort to win her seat has already started.

Representative Adam Schiff held a campaign event Thursday night in San Francisco, where 150 people packed into an event held at Manny's Cafe in the Mission District.

A KTVU crew caught up with Schiff as he was heading to the venue and asked him what he wanted Bay Area voters to know.  

"I'm from the Bay Area. I grew up in the East Bay," said Schiff, a Democrat who represents Southern California. 

But he grew up in Danville and is a graduate of Monte Vista High School and Stanford University.

On this Thursday night, he held a meet and greet with voters. 

When asked why people should vote for him, Schiff replied,"I have a proven record of leadership on issues that are important to the state of California, making our economy work for everyone, protecting our democracy and our planet."  

Some people at the event said they are impressed by Schiff's position  as one of seven democrats on a committee investigating then-President Donald Trump's role in  the insurrection.

"What Adam Schiff did during the January 6 hearings, conducting himself the way he did, calm, rational, I think he would be a great leader for California," said Michael Cruz who identified himself as a registered Democrat.  

"We've seen in ways we never imagined possible an attack on our institutions of democracy," said Schiff as he addressed the audience. 

He told them his focus is on three challenges : democracy , the economy and the  planet. 

The field of Democratic candidates currently includetwo congresswomen: Representatives Katie Porter of Orange County and Barbara Lee of the East Bay.

Schiff is expected to face a wide field of candidates within his own party. 

The California GOP said it will recruit a strong candidate ready to take on the fight to the overcrowwded Democrat field. 

Political experts  said  money will matter in this race. 

They predict it could be the most expensive senate election ever.

Schiff already has more than $20 million on hand. 

Porter has almost $8 million. 

Lee has just $50,000. 

"I'm leaning towards Barbara Lee. I'm a Cal guy and she was my representative for awhile and i think she is more progressive than Adam," said Hector Jimenez who came to find out more about Schiff.  

"We should look for people of character who will do the right thing especially when it's hard," said Schiff.  

He is scheduled to return to the Bay Area next Thursday to make another campaign stop. 

Voters have a lot of time between now and November 2024 to decide. 

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