Spare the Air alert issued for Sunday, 18th of the year

A short hot spell in the forecast, combined with car exhaust, has prompted air district officials to issue a Spare the Air alert for smog on Sunday.

The air pollution alert is the 18th sent out in 2019 by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Officials hope it the alert will encourage residents to find alternatives to driving.

"Vehicle exhaust is the largest source of air pollution during periods of warm weather," said Jack Broadbent, executive officer of the air district. "Reducing driving will improve air quality and protect the climate."

A high-pressure system moving into the region is expected to bring light winds and higher temperatures on Sunday.

Those conditions, along with motor vehicle exhaust, will lead to elevated concentrations of ozone, or smog, district officials said.

More information about more about Spare the Air alerts can be found by registering for email AirAlerts at

Residents can also call 1(800) HELP-AIR, download the Spare the Air App or connect with Spare the Air on Facebook or Twitter.