Special needs dogs looking for loving homes

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Some very deserving pups are looking for forever homes.

Umbrella of Hope Rescue, based in the East Bay, is looking for loving homes for four special needs dogs.

The animal rescue group is looking to place Minmi, a 2-year-old Maltese-Poodle who is a new amputee, with a family who has a member dealing with the same physical disability.

Umbrella of Hope was given a conditional private grant that paid for Minmi’s extensive hospital expenses, but  it requires her to be placed with a fellow amputee.

Minmi hasn’t received any inquiries from eligible families that would meet the grant’s requirements and they are hoping to place her with a child or veteran.

Rawble is a  4-year-old, 15 pound, Pug and Beagle mix. He was attacked by another dog so badly, one of his front legs had to amputated. He is described as sweet and playful. 

Chewy is an 8-month-old, 7 pound, Havanese mix. He was either born with a deformed leg or suffered an injury around the time of his birth that rendered his back leg useless. His leg will soon be amputated at U.C. Davis. Once he is recovered, he should be good as new and ready to be adopted. 

Nemo is a 3-month old, 6 pound, Poodle mix. He was born with a deformed front leg that looks like a "lucky fin," hence the name Nemo! Umbrella of Hope thinks he may be a candidate for a prosthetic leg.

If you or anyone you know can provide a forever home for these loveable pups, contact Umbrella of Hope.