Spike strip found along Marin Co. trail

Patrols are being increased along a Marin County trail after two bikers found what looks like a homemade spike strip on the ground.

The person who found the homemade spike strip told the Chronicle that he believes it was meant to give a message to mountain bikers in the area.

According to reports, it was found last Tuesday by two bikers riding off a trail in the White's Hill Open Space preserve.

It's been described as four feet long with more than 30 rusty screws sticking out of it. It's also been reported in the Chronicle that the people who found the spike strip say it was fastened to the ground with 7-inch spikes. 

The rider took it home apparently so that other mountain bikers wouldn't get hurt.

Now it's unclear who left it there or how long it's been there.

But in terms of a motive, KTVU spoke with a couple of trail runners Monday morning who said hikers and bikers in the area have been feuding about the use of the trails for several years.

There have been other reported obstructions on the trail including an unauthorized sign and logs.

Marin County Sheriff's deputies are investigating the incident.