Spring storm delivers wild weather to Northern California

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KTVU) -- A strong spring storm delivered 24 hours of crazy weather to the Bay Area and Northern California, with residents getting everything from rain to hail to funnel clouds spotted near Sacramento.

The bulk of the storm rolled through overnight, soaking the streets and pounding the Bay Area. Natanya Mitchell from Oakland noticed that by Tuesday afternoon, most of the storm had blown though, only to usher in cold temperatures.

"Well the weather changed dramatically from stormy, and then all of a sudden the sun came out, now the clouds and all the coverage," said Mitchell. "I was like, ok, grab a hat, get your gloves."

The rainy weather left a host of problems in its wake, including a jack knifed big rig on Highway 101 near Santa Rosa. The California Highway Patrol officer R. Owens said the initial investigation seems to indicate that weather played a factor.

"Culmination of weather and speed," said Owens. "Basically when you're driving a vehicle as heavy as that and you have to make a sudden stop the slick roadways aren't going to be as forgiving."

Near Sacramento and in the Central Valley, three funnel clouds were reported.

One in Glenn County is being called a possible tornado. The National Weather Service wouldn't confirm it until after conducting a survey of the area Wednesday.

The weather was good for business for Pagano's Hardware in Alameda. Chris Collins says before the storm customers were stocking up on items to prepare, getting items like rakes to clear drains and weather stripping.

"For the bottom of the garage doors, prevent the water from going under the garage door, and it also keeps the air out," said Collins.

After the storm he said customers were looking for plungers to help clear backed up drain, a common problem in the area following heavy rains.

"I think it's the drainage system, explained Collins. Alameda's kind of old, so the people are frequently getting drain clogs after the rain storms."

Most around the Bay Area agreed, despite any problems associated with the storm, rain, any rain was a welcome sight.

"It's a good feeling, because we need the rain, and it won't be raining long," said Emus Mitchell of Oakland. "But, it's a good feeling to have the rain."