Stanford reports severe shortage of Type O blood, seeking donations

Saying supplies of Type O blood and blood products are critically low, officials at the Stanford Blood Center are appealing for donations of both O Positive and O Negative.

Dr. Tho Pham, Stanford Blood Center's chief medical officer, said, "Last week alone, patients at our local partner hospitals required more than 1,000 units of red blood cells, including over 170 units of O Negative red blood cells."

Added Stanford Blood Center spokesman Ross Coyle, "We urgently need O Positive and O Negative blood to be able to meet the needs of our local patients, and so we're calling on donors top make their earliest available appointment."

Donors are encouraged to walk in to one of the blood center's three donation centers, in Campbell, Menlo Park and Mountain View. Click here for locations.

Appointments can be scheduled online at or by calling (888) 723-7831 for same-day appointments.