Star Power: Clinton-Clooney hold pricey Nob Hill political fundraiser

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A star-powered political fundraiser is being held in San Francisco Friday evening. Democratic Presidential candidate and front runner, Hillary Clinton and George Clooney are teaming up to raise money in the Golden State.

Top-price tickets for a seat at their table reportedly went for $353,000.

Joined by Clooney and his wife, Amal, Clinton's first scheduled stop of the fundraising swing through California is at the Nob Hill home of Shervin Pishevar, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist and investor.

But it’s wasn't just Clinton supporters who showed up.

About 150 protesters were kept at a distance by police barricades that were put up near Washington and Jones. Workers, presumed to be parking valets, could be seen in white jackets outside the tony hillside home.

The demonstrators gathered at Huntington Park before marching in the streets. They said they were upset with the fundraiser’s ticket prices that ranged from $33,000 to $353,000 and that it illustrates how money can corrupt politics. 

“The Clinton's are having an obscene fundraiser,” said Bernie Sanders supporter, Lucy Riley. “$350,000 to take a selfie with Madam Secretary. We believe that this fundraiser represents everything that we are fighting against and this grassroots movement.”

"Ordinary people can't afford $35,000 to hobnob with Hillary Clinton," says Erin Brightwell, a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Protestors say they are the 99 percent, but it's the one percent who can buy access to political leaders. 

"It's my first time being in a protest. You get the raw emotion. You get the conflict," said Terrence Gordon, a protestor from Richmond.

Most of the protestors say they support Bernie Sanders for president.

"I was a registered 'Green', but I'm going to switch to vote for Bernie," says Lindsey Vurek of Oakland.

The former Secretary of State arrived in a silver SUV around 6:30 p.m. Clooney was seen walking in with an unidentified man. Clinton's SUV was seen leaving around 8:30 after the event attended by about 100 people had begun at 7 p.m.

Clinton is scheduled to attend another fundraiser Saturday night in Los Angeles at the Clooney's home.