Status update on COVID-19 in the Bay Area

Twenty-four residents and three staff members at an Orinda skilled nursing facility have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus, with two of the residents hospitalized, Contra Costa County health officials said Friday afternoon.

A University of California at Berkeley public health expert said that there are some hopeful signs in the fight to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic but it probably won't be completely controlled until a vaccine for it is developed.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed on Friday responded to calls from supervisors and housing activists that the city house all of its 8,000 homeless residents in hotel rooms, in the wake of a confirmed novel coronavirus case at a homeless shelter. 

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office said that deputies will be enforcing the county's new shelter-in-place order and urged residents against congregating at local beaches and parks.

While the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to strangle the economy, the Port of Oakland reported Friday that shipping schedules have "stabilized" after a small reduction in voyages. 

Alhambra High School in Martinez will no longer be considered as an "alternate care site" for treatment of some patients with the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Martinez schools superintendent said.

As of Saturday at 9:30 a.m., officials have confirmed the following number of cases in the greater Bay Area region:

 • Alameda County: 443 cases, 12 deaths (416 cases, 9 deaths on Friday) 

 • Contra Costa County: 307 cases, 5 deaths (276 cases, 3 deaths on Friday) 

 • Marin County: 131 cases, 6 deaths (118 cases, 6 deaths on Friday) 

 • Napa County: 20 cases, 2 deaths (18 cases, 1 death on Friday) 

 • San Francisco County: 529 cases, 8 deaths (497 cases, 7 deaths on Friday) 

 • San Mateo County: 538 cases, 13 deaths (486 cases, 13 deaths on Friday)

 • Santa Clara County: 1,094 cases, 38 deaths (1,019 cases, 36 deaths on Friday)

 • Santa Cruz County: 59 cases, 1 death (57 cases, 1 death on Friday)

 • Solano County: 73 cases, 1 death (61 cases, 1 death on Friday)

 • Sonoma County: 105 cases, 1 death (95 cases, 1 death on Friday)