Staying cool and avoiding fire hazards during a heat wave

Staying cool in extreme heat is going to be a priority for us all this coming weekend, as temperatures are expected to be unusually high. 

It seems that this summer is going to be a hot one and there are some things people should know, especially our seniors, about staying cool during a heat wave. 

"I’m here to grab some ice cream because it’s freaking hot!" said Moneca Dy, from Campbell.   

With temperatures warming up and expected to reach triple digits, some people in the South Bay are doing what they can to stay cool like eating ice cream. This mom in downtown San Jose says she’s been cooling off at this water fountain since she was a kid. 

"So, it’s fun to bring my kids here and just enjoy the water. The water is never cold so it’s perfect," said Andrya, from San Jose.   

Health officials recommend staying out of the sun as much as possible in extreme heat and keeping your space ventilated with a fan or air conditioner. The Center for Elders’ Independence based in Oakland says everyone, especially seniors, should be monitored, hydrated and moved to a cooler space. 

"Make sure people get enough water. Really encourage water drinking. The transition from heat exhaustion to heat stroke, the really serious stuff, often occurs when people are slightly dehydrated. Don’t have enough water," said Dr. James Mittelberger, Chief Medical Officer for the Center for Elders’ Independence.   

High temperatures also mean fire danger will most likely increase throughout the Bay Area. Fremont Deputy Fire Chief Heather Mozdean says dry brush and excessive vegetation near homes during a heat wave can lead to unintentional fires and people should not be outdoors unnecessarily. 

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"We don’t want people outside overexerting themselves in this heat. We don’t want anything to throw a spark or to start a fire. So, no weed whippers, no mowers. Hopefully you do that when it’s a little cooler, and we don’t have this heat wave," Mozdean said. 

Again, drink plenty of water. People can also take a cold shower or keep a cold towel on your face and body to help keep your body from overheating.