Still no relief, PG&E shutoffs disrupt Comcast services

The PG&E shutoffs across the Bay Area are being blamed for cable and internet outages. Comcast's Xfinity services are down in parts of 34 counties leaving many residents even more frustrated. 

In Oakland's Montclair neighborhood, power has been restored to most PG&E customers, some homes still have no cable, internet, phone or home security service. 

The cable provider says its Xfinity service relies on commercial electric power from PG&E which is different than the lines that route power to homes. 

There is no estimated restoration time as to when cable services will resume, but Comcast crews are monitoring the situatuon. 

Senior Director of Public Relations for Comcast, Joan Hammel said," "In some cases, they will have power on in their homes but they won't have Xfinity services and the reason for that is the signal can be disrupted because it's coming from an area where the commercial power is out."

PG&E crews are actively working to reenergize all power lines and hope to have power restored to all affected areas by the weekend.