Stone hurled into Foster City vice mayor's home

Someone hurled a five-pound river rock into the home of Foster City Vice Mayor Richa Awasthi on Tuesday night, shattering a window and her family's sense of peace.

"It just hit the glass, broke the glass and the blinds and hit the printer, which was on the other end of the room," Awasthi said.

Her husband Amitabh Awasthi said, "We heard this loud bang, and we thought it was a gunshot."

The couple was in their 14-year-old son's room, which faces the street. The vice mayor and her son weren't hurt, and the rock narrowly missed her husband's head.

"I felt something, you know, go past my head, like very close, I mean I could feel it," he said.

The vice mayor, who is Indian American, says some weren't happy when she ran for City Council and won in 2018.

"We experienced a lot of hatred and, you know, attacks," she said.

She said she's had her share of angry phone calls and emails, but that this crossed the line.

"Where does this end? Like, how much of this should be acceptable," she said. "It raises so many questions for me."

She didn't want to speculate on a motive or suspects but said she's shared some theories with Foster City police.

"Right now we have no information to believe that she was specifically targeted, or this is a hate crime," said Foster City police Lt. Mark Lee.

Lee said investigators are keeping every possibility open and for now are considering this a case of felony vandalism.

"Obviously, things can change, and if some evidence comes up or some information comes up that turns it into a hate crime, we'll definitely put that out," Lee said.