Store in Oakland's Rockridge hit four times by car-ramming burglars

A popular store in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood was broken into early Tuesday by burglars who rammed a pickup truck into the doors, the fourth such incident in recent months.

"I wish we could do something about it, but we cannot," said Eddie's Drive-In Liquor store co-owner David Shrestha.

Surveillance video shows a pickup truck repeatedly backing into Eddie's on College Avenue near Lawton Avenue at about 3:50 a.m. Tuesday.

Several intruders then rummage inside, stealing liquor, cigarettes, two cash registers and a safe. 

"You can't even tell me right now how I'm feeling. I'm really, really mad," said Shrestha, who believes the same crew may be involved - and won't stop there. 

"It's gonna happen again and again and again. It's been happening, it's gonna happen again. No matter what we do," he said.

Shrestha is frustrated because Oakland police have their hands tied when it comes to property crimes. 

"They cannot chase, even if they see someone leaving, which happened the first time," Shrestha said. "They saw them leave and did not chase. When we asked, they said they're not allowed to chase anyone like that."

Customers of this longtime neighborhood store are shocked. Many stopped to take photos of the broken glass and the aftermath.

"What's the police doing, you know? We don't have a police chief and then this is the fourth time - what's happening?" asked a woman who wanted only to be identified as Elisabeth. 

Dan Real said, "It blows my mind. I just hope something can be done. I've lived in Oakland my entire life, I've never seen it like this."

A few blocks away at Trader Joe's, thieves have also been stealing alcohol.

And back in November before dawn, someone rammed a vehicle into the store but took off after realizing a manager was there.

"There's been some serious challenges, to put it mildly, up and down the College Avenue corridor," said Councilmember Dan Kalb, who represents Rockridge. He says the city is trying to recruit more officers from other agencies and help from the FBI.

"Enough is enough, and we have to do more. And we are trying to do more. The impact of doing more, though, doesn't happen overnight, unfortunately," Kalb said.

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