Store where everything is free? Yes, it exists and right in Oakland

Photo courtesy of Free Oakland Up

Who doesn't love free stuff? 

There's a thrift shop in the East Bay called, Free Oakland UP, where customers don't need to even bother looking at the price tag because everything is free.

The shop is filled with new and old antique pieces— from home decor, art supplies to books.

Customers can choose from a variety of things at no cost. 

The space functions as both an art gallery and gift shop open to the community. 

On Free Up Oakland's official website it's described as, "An alternative retail space focused on the economy, the environment, and building community by offering FREE art and everyday items." 

You can't be greedy though, customers can only choose one item per day. 

Now if you see something else that you just can't leave behind, for a fair monetary donation, it's yours.